knots in the vest strings


knots in the vest strings ( a poem for a fuddled friday )

snot in the coffee & tea in the tree

feet on the oche & sneeze on the breeze

toes on the elbows

& crows in the know

cheese in the ballads & hoes in the heave

knots in the vest strings & wasps in the loft

whats in the questing & dross in the gloss

mopes in the earlobes

& glow in the flow

pants in the pantry & jack in the frost

squats in the quandary & hot in the freeze

blots on the fondly & bees in the wheeze

though in the stone's throw

& foes in the fro

knees in the nobbles & quiche in the keys

plots in the vestry & spots in the dots

rot in the zesty & shocks in the watts

shows in the panto

& boats in the row

seas in the salad & tongues in the toss


( some call it gibberish )


( some call it gibberish )  ( author notes  – i  ****in’ wish … )

mandates, marmosets


popcorn, leprosy

my prize plums

penguins, wishing wells


barnets, barnacles


flipflops, cauliflowers


cobwebs, fancy pants


toenails, monoliths


dodos, bubblewrap




where to write


where to write  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  s o  n o t  r e a l l y  a  s t o r y  t h e n  )

on the settee

when there's shit on telly

under some trees

as the breeze tickles knees

sat on the bog

if you're not shatting logs

scrawl in your bonce

if you're walking the dog

upon a peak

when the day is grim-grey

under duvets

with your torch in p.jays

on the bus home

rock 'n' roll - fuckin' yes

sat at a desk

with its sheets

& this mess


save the …


save the …  (  a  v e r s e  )

save the whale

& the bee

save some face

plant more trees

save the shit

with its rhymes

save that nick

stitched in time

save the coins

& the strange

scrimp like shrimps

'til it rains

save & hope

fingers crossed

or surely

all is lost


drama queens


drama queens  (   a   s  h  i  t  e   b  u  t   t r u e   p o e m   )

us dumb apes live in bubbles

some efforts then their muddles

a green shoot, a new dawn calls ( ? )

then bliss - the same old struggles

such storms within these bubbles

we live to feel their fuddles

a bubble burst yet that's far worse

that's actual fuckin' trouble