listesque etc.


listesque etc. ( a re-winging of an older post )

mutant bastard handshakes

every morn like bran flakes

fruit medjool me mandates

tooth your pick

storming nomad notepads

tossing forth the throwbacks

quartz, blue john & topaz

mined that shit

choppy hoppy scented

heaven sense fermented

pale ale wails infested

down it quick

singing kitchens sinking

flapping caps are thinking

keen green eyes are squinting

tick - tick - tick



whether report


whether report ( some sheet )

it might rain cats - perhaps by noon

throughout this isle where roses grow

or chimpanzees or kangaroos

beware that bounce - mind how you go

it could dogs before too soon

down on the streets, upon the roads

& wolves as well & foxes too

as winds join in & howl for show

it may rain frogs this afternoon

or snakes or newts or loads of toads

or cockatoos - the sky's a zoo

so be prepared - no 'expert' knows