sticky facts


sticky facts ( 16 lines of rhyme )

as sure as no means sweat

& dripping bones means wet

as sure as ants aint antelopes

& badgers' home means sett

as sure as yipes means cripes

& overblown needs hype

as sure as fish fear garden gnomes

& tartan bag means pipe

as sure as head means mess

& en passant means chess

as sure as sheet floats with the floe

& what d'you think? means guess

as sure as bees means knees

& big puddles means seas

as sure as sore are blistered toes

those poems grow on trees


you have my harp


you have my harp  (  a  ?  )

as day turns dark, birds merge with bats

as twilight flaps its blackish wings

you have my harp - i want it back

don't fiddle with

my well-strung strings

as great moons loom in vague blue skies

loose change is but my total wealth

i am not rich, no spoils have i

you have my harp

go pluck yourself


some call it plagiarism …


some call it plagiarism  (  a  p o e m  )

blink at blank pages on the off-chance

when your eyes open

then they're not blank

poems can tah-dah - suddenly there

writ in an instant

oh but from where

( ? )

blink at blank pages until they aint

white as a snowflaked

first coat of paint

maybe it's pixies, faeries or gnomes

when all is written

claim as your own