squeeze it out


squeeze it out  (  a  p o e m  )

sinking ships

kiss me quick


lemon pips

falling bricks

clutch at twigs

crack willow

trousers split

dodgy hips

sheepish dips

we are all


buckets kick

fog is thick

magic spells

that's the trick

parrot sick

oil is slick

all is horned

thanks old nick

clocks tock-tick

bookworms flick

no time for

posh picnics

choppy sticks


fading fast

make a wish

shake a fist

take a risk

squeeze it out

each last bit


( **** it )


( **** it )  (  m y  a f t e r n o o n  )

when it pours

then it pours

so you're drenched

then you're drenched

when your bones

they are soaked

when the earth's

thirst is quenched

but there's more

& still more

with no end

in sight yet

be that back

of that duck

when you're wet

then you're wet


dear athlete’s foot,


dear athlete’s foot,  (  a  p o e m  )

so shudder earth or maybe not

the sun is cold - the poles are hot

your earlobes glowed like magic pearls

on samhain eve

spirals unfurl

erm truths hide in wrong barks up trees

yes, barns can't dance - dark history

it peppers all as plague un-fussed

or duckpond ducks

but still this rust

as blackholes suck then elsewhere spew

some fuckin' dick'ead jumps the queue

stray birds live here, their roost has flown

the kettle's gay

( i've always known )

so on we plod our different ways

lone calendars proclaim our days

great salmon leap yet onions weep

until again

there's dreams, our sleep