spring’s the sing


spring’s the sing  (  a  s e a s o n a l  d e t o u r  )


spring's the sing that sweeps the feet

that flaps the bird that chirps the tweet

that hops the frog that greens the leaf

that lambs the land that flocks the bleat

spring's the spin that spans the stead

that breeze the knees that stem the legs

that ring the bells that ping the dead

that egg the hen that pecks the head

spring's the king that knights the foal

that fights the wind that bites the cold

that swish the fish that sprite the shoal

that gleam the stream that shine the knoll

spring's the ring that doors the key

that morns the swarm the spawns the bee

that fox the gloves that cub the scree

that hoot the shoots that spruce the tree

spring's the wings that string the vest

that plume the moon that crest the chest

that spoons the looms that wind the west

that spot the dots that id the est

spring's the sting that brings the bud

that browns the cows that munch the cud

that rains the lanes that floods the mud

that stirs the earth that spurs the blood





wake the deaf & sign on


wake the deaf & sign on  (  k i s s  m y  r h y m e z  ,  y  o u  p i l c h a r d  )

wake the deaf & sign on

once upon a corkscrew

wizards in the whiplash

blizzards in the fall through

crust the rust of pylons

kid the skid of goat's rue

puddles in the splish splash

bubbles in the home brew

spin the dim of shine on

panda-punch the bamboo

carrots in the mishmash

havoc in the shampoo

span the hands of time bombs

gob the slob of gum spews

rivers in the kick backs

scissors in the kung fu

churn the turn of right ons

fondles in the fondue

manna in the drip drabs

spanners in the cashews

plod the stead of microns

blessings in the achoo

stutters in the slip back

sputters in the statues

can the scams of icons

wanders in the where to

wriggles in the skin rash

fiddles in the hairdo

chase the waves of bygones

vomit in the voodoo

scuffles in the syntax

shuffles in the new shoes



prophecy broth


prophecy broth  (  s o m e  m y s t i c  s m e g  )

when the greenswards grey

seven elves shall eat late may

as the hoarse stoat neighs

then the nose shall spy

herrings mauve & kipper thighs

as the crowbar flies

yet the dexterous flea

perched within the chestnut tree

sings not of your knees

so the bilge shall bark

as the milkmaids face the lark

& the dark aardvarks