s h r e w s


s h r e w s  (  s o m e  p o e m  o r  o t h e r  )

s onic sister sun sorbet

sabre sailor straightaway

h osta hobble hideaway

hooded hyphen holiday

r undle rubble ricochet

ruffle roses runaway

e asel eagle émigré

echo elbow everyday

w icket warble watwerway

whippet wrestle wren wednesday

s ilver sausage saturday

solar saucer stowaway



a shropshire ladder


a shropshire ladder  (  a . e  i n  t h e  h o u s e  –  m a n  )

hen i was swan & bendy

i burred an iceman splay

" div sounds & nouns & spinneys

but knot your harp array;

sieve pearls - wah hey - & uzis

but sweep your pansy tree "

but i was swan & bendy,

snow juice to squawk to me

hen i was swan & bendy

i whirlwind whey again

" the tart is trout & wooden

was weather gibbon in vane;

'tis maid with thighs-a-sentry

& scold for breathless boo "

& i am shrew & bendy

& crow, 'tis spew, 'tis spew


piss off


piss off  (  a  l o v e l y  p o e m  &  a  s o n g  t o o  )

parallax bagpipes

palm balm saddle wax

gobshite gormless

tractors - battleaxe

polka dot white slice

milksop pantomime

hilltop - formless

antler's alkaline

calamine fishwife

spatchcock avenue

coleslaw walrus

laptop kangaroo

magnetron magpies

oxbow telephone

hopscotch porous

bawl sack metronome

babble bat glass eyes

pub prick tosser socks

tin can taurus

tongue spun otter pox

poetry's panpipes

heave ho madrigal

mudflap chorus

splashback admiral



a squawk in the rain


a squawk in the rain  (  a  p o e m m m m  )

a squawk in the rain

a clod with the frog

as otter's the drain

& lead is the log

a ghost in the gloam

a spool in the coat

as pollen's the foam

& pool is the poke

a pin in the grin

a turd in the hat

as crow in the spin

& snow we burn black


a snake & still a sheep


a snake & still a sheep  (  a  p o e m z z z  )

i'm a snake & still a sheep

bumbles in the mumble's bread

eyes-a-slur & cream in creak

rundles in the rumble's stead

i'm a mare & of the brae

gazing in the bite of night

battle's bats & sing's the jay

babble on & song's the tights

i'm the cleft & churn a chain

slack's the slaw as gore's the grouse

portals paw & prat's the brain

'til once war - i'll haunt this mouse



porridge forage


porridge forage  (  a  p o e m  &  a  m e s s  )

mumbles, tangles - bramble jam the jar

jungles, dangles, bumblebee & tree

rambles, scrambles - apple crab the spar

trundles, rundles, glimmer-shim & lea

meadows, echoes - riverbank the brook

bellows, hedgerows, raptor-map & scanned

flutter, frescoes - tenter hook the crook

nutter, yellows, rubber ducks & bands

heather, blether - weather green the root

crooked, hooded, wooded track & trail

golden, y'olden - ever-gleams the shoot

feather, footed, moorland, tor & veil

latches, scratches - pasture patch the scrap

herbal, verbal, curdle crow & notes

petals, nettles - circles turn the flap

hatches, hurdles, burble blow & oats