piffle void


piffle void  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  )

in spotted socks & donkey frocks

as if the flim had tinned the pots

of fairy phlegm & spun the spoon

of happenstance the black baboon

in clotted dross & zombie socks

as if the shrew had spewed the flocks

of curdled birds & tossed the tune

of speckled vests on vast bassoons

in knotted whats & wonky toss

as if the hymn had rid the pox

of hairy mayors & plucked the prune

of pan the flan in pantaloons

in jotted blots & on we trots

as if the fox had spat the crops

of mutant june & yet the moon

has slapped & sapped the afternoon



backing bounce


backing bounce ( a rhyme for saint gubbin’s day )

sink a song of submarines

headless fish & guillotines

raspy gasps of gasoline

tumbleweed & runner beans

gob a gloss of magazines

thinning ice & figurines

donkey nights of carotene

philistines & nazarenes

flick a fleet of limousines

weasel cheese & tambourines

stretchy friends of plasticine

twisty tongues of tangerines

clash a smash of smithereens

chickenpox & slot machines

frothy troth's in evergreens

dictionaries & trampolines