catnip christenings


catnip christenings  (  a  p o e m  )

hedgehog hovercrafts

gemstone geminis

tugboat war o'ropes

cracked black pepper skies

wallchart walruses

unsung onion rings

heave ho - evening cloaks

snakeskin apron strings

penpal parakeets

lemsip seminars

ten green lizards then

bed head spinning stars

syntax cigarettes

heath haze daisy chains

flyby alibi

steam gleam gravy trains

headfuck hellebore

duck cluck rubber hen

wet, dry ice 'n' smoke

encore - pad 'n' pen

catnip christenings

fish swish fiddle seas

dead, red antelopes

pea green estuaries



backend ( ish )


backend ( ish )  (  p o e t i c a l  m o n k e y  t e n n i s  )

in the trudge of trodden apples

orchard forth with mud beneath us

sodden squawking of a morning

dead ahead & squash a squish

breezes sneeze as leaves are feathers

spiders cider, spores are roaring

petals settle - clutch y'heather

grab a rake & shake a whish

sing the song of snails & coffins

hogget with the dogs & roses

crows of maidens - ghosts of goblins

swirl in circles - bosh a bish

phantoms yawning - spines a chiming

down y'ale & chase a fairy

roundabouts & face the hairy

bastard bear of - backend ( ish )

(  g a s p  )



a bit blowy …


a bit blowy … (  n o  r e f u n d s  o r  e l s e  . . .  )

chequered ligers

chasing paper

snails & nacre

custard skinned

bear incisors

trousers tearing

mayors are pairing

towns are twinned

streets & criers

thunder rumbles

faces jumble

bass is binned

sinning spiders

skipping shepherds

stripes of leopards

limes are dimmed

grab y'lighters

sing of splinters

spring in squinters

peaches tinned

tartan tigers

stars are weaving

dreams & streaming

beans are stringed

headless friars

crows & sparrows

dancing shadows

phantom limbed

china pipers

whisper riddles

bristle nipples

whistle wind


( yet more spillage )


( yet more spillage )  (  o n e  f o r  t h e  p o n d  d r e d g e r s  )

panpipe piracy

ladybower ladybird

strontium nostrils

bagpipe binary

easter island christmas trees

lemon red trousers

hookworm library

swans upon a rubik's pube

eiffel tower owls

cackpipe winery

window screens & pinto beans

goose stepping mothers