dinner guests


dinner guests  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  l i s t )

nag hammadi barmy army

flight lieutenant lupin-juicer

uncle sun & sister cistern

orangeries & orreries

pixelated pixie people

coven-gloving morris dancers

badger barks & antlered aunties

finches of the woodland winch

terrapins on terra firma

myrtle in the mizzle's murmur

unicorns on horns & vocals

trojans of the water horse

saturn's golden lab-retriever

jumbled june in measle-sneezes

ninja nymphs & squawking goshawks

judas keith iscariot



wet june afternoon ado


wet june afternoon ado  (  a  p o e m  )

crackle static campervans

cottages in cotton socks

caravans & ampersands

splatter on the avenue

nibble crumbs of sunken sun

otter on as puddles pond

fingers thumb & thunder drums

dusters dust but hoovers spew

simmer spanner sandwiches

bric-a-brac as building bricks

lixard tongues & languages

singing songs of xanadu

television comatose

quizzes fizz as kitchens sink

dishes fish & rivers row

breezes sneeze a big achoo

pluck a feather, weather clogs

moses gloats as noah floats

lemons suck & heavens frog

dropping dogs from katmandu

interregnum rafter-flaps

phantoms spool in ghoul-cagoules

bladders, naps & ballad scraps

wet june afternoon ado



dripping summer


dripping summer  (  a n o t h e r  b a s t a r d  s u m m e r  p o e m  )

bramble jam & sand in sandals

baton bats the badger drummer

panting ants as daggers dangle

dads in vans & mother-truckers

second spews & speckled pebbles

trending as the lutist strummer

kettles singing in the nettles

rivers run as fingers butter

bells are knelling in the steeples

bumble hums a stumbled stutter

spring is bread of milk & measles

magic beans are on the runner

witches glisten in the dingle

bottles fly as piglets flutter

adders nap as lions lingual

tongue the salad of a nutter

happenstance & ants in trousers

shrews in trews as shepherds shudder

rows of roses, crows & dowsers

in a spin & out the udder

praetor preens a prefect circle

curtains sprawl a ball of rubber

brawls of orbs & hurl's the turtle

slipping within dripping summer



ripple river


ripple river  (  a  p o e m  f  o r  s u n d a y  )

piper piddle

strike a fiddle

piddle piper


runner magic

buffer static

magic runner


kettle copper

metal opera

copper kettle


weasel dancer

eagle glancer

dancer weasel


laser lighter

face a fire

lighter laser


paper sugar

shudder - shake a

sugar paper


sour cherry

berry scour

cherry sour


ripple river

silver slither

river ripple



v.d poem


v.d poem  (  l i t t l e  b i t s  o f  l i s t  &  s t o r y  )

viking disciples

vitrify duckweed

viennese divas

vomiting dew

venetian dodos

volcano dancing

vermillion dentists

vicar disgust

verbally dogwood

vegetables discos

viola dingoes

varnishing denmark

vaudeville dukes

vim didgeridoos &

venusian druids

vulcanise dust



( this qwerty )


( this qwerty )  (  a  p o e m  )

middle c's

sea breeze

loud in locked


trouser press

bee's knees


green peas


door cheese

portals war

tree teas

badger jam

flea leaps

whistle wolf

sheep frieze

paws & claws


rose petals




glows & gleams

beech trees







this qwerty

t h e s e  k e y s