dripping summer


dripping summer  (  a n o t h e r  b a s t a r d  s u m m e r  p o e m  )

bramble jam & sand in sandals

baton bats the badger drummer

panting ants as daggers dangle

dads in vans & mother-truckers

second spews & speckled pebbles

trending as the lutist strummer

kettles singing in the nettles

rivers run as fingers butter

bells are knelling in the steeples

bumble hums a stumbled stutter

spring is bread of milk & measles

magic beans are on the runner

witches glisten in the dingle

bottles fly as piglets flutter

adders nap as lions lingual

tongue the salad of a nutter

happenstance & ants in trousers

shrews in trews as shepherds shudder

rows of roses, crows & dowsers

in a spin & out the udder

praetor preens a prefect circle

curtains sprawl a ball of rubber

brawls of orbs & hurl's the turtle

slipping within dripping summer



ripple river


ripple river  (  a  p o e m  f  o r  s u n d a y  )

piper piddle

strike a fiddle

piddle piper


runner magic

buffer static

magic runner


kettle copper

metal opera

copper kettle


weasel dancer

eagle glancer

dancer weasel


laser lighter

face a fire

lighter laser


paper sugar

shudder - shake a

sugar paper


sour cherry

berry scour

cherry sour


ripple river

silver slither

river ripple



v.d poem


v.d poem  (  l i t t l e  b i t s  o f  l i s t  &  s t o r y  )

viking disciples

vitrify duckweed

viennese divas

vomiting dew

venetian dodos

volcano dancing

vermillion dentists

vicar disgust

verbally dogwood

vegetables discos

viola dingoes

varnishing denmark

vaudeville dukes

vim didgeridoos &

venusian druids

vulcanise dust



( this qwerty )


( this qwerty )  (  a  p o e m  )

middle c's

sea breeze

loud in locked


trouser press

bee's knees


green peas


door cheese

portals war

tree teas

badger jam

flea leaps

whistle wolf

sheep frieze

paws & claws


rose petals




glows & gleams

beech trees







this qwerty

t h e s e  k e y s



7p in change


7p in change  (  p e n s  n o t  k e y s  )

pistachio pencil-case

pea-pod pianissimo

panzers pancake pacemakers

plaster pockets pygmy pike

pendulums plum pillories

parsnip palmist peregrine

piffle peewit peekaboo


& tea


& tea  (  a  p o e m  ,  a  l e t t e r  &  a  d r i n k  )

tenpin timbuktu

trousers trundle's trout

tax-tit troubadours

trapdoor turnabout

televisions tomb

tinsels telegraphs

tesla's tamarind

tickles telepaths

tabernacle terns

tractor tranquilise

trainer talismans

tilling tailor ties

tarmac tambourines

transcript toodleooh

teenage tinnitus

tungsten tuscans - too

toffee tables tail

ten turtles turquoise

trucking turnip's toad

turkish tartan toys

toxic trojans tram

taurus tumble train

trawlers tabulaste

terrapin terrain

tarpaulin tattoos

tempest tablespoons

tennis trumpeteers

tapping tortoise tunes

treacle telegrams

tiger toucan's tree

trappists travelouge

teasel thyme & tea