a squawk in the rain


a squawk in the rain  (  a  p o e m m m m  )

a squawk in the rain

a clod with the frog

as otter's the drain

& lead is the log

a ghost in the gloam

a spool in the coat

as pollen's the foam

& pool is the poke

a pin in the grin

a turd in the hat

as crow in the spin

& snow we burn black


a snake & still a sheep


a snake & still a sheep  (  a  p o e m z z z  )

i'm a snake & still a sheep

bumbles in the mumble's bread

eyes-a-slur & cream in creak

rundles in the rumble's stead

i'm a mare & of the brae

gazing in the bite of night

battle's bats & sing's the jay

babble on & song's the tights

i'm the cleft & churn a chain

slack's the slaw as gore's the grouse

portals paw & prat's the brain

'til once war - i'll haunt this mouse



for poetry’s cake


for poetry’s cake  (  a  p o e m  ,  n a t u r a l l y  )

i gravel the sand & vale the vee

i shawl up the shore & squawk the bee

as beacons then dirge & birds then thigh

in birch of that nurse that gurns the key

i fodder the east & sod the north

i session the priest & flask the hordes

as leopards pull wool & bulls then rye

the plankest of pines that sink the forth

i bastard the bands & crow the snow

i easel the breeze & reel the toe

as guilders brick balls & squall it fries

& pluck-all tit mauls so on eye glow

i muffle the south & vest the west

i trouser the flap & shat the x

as catheters dust & cackles pie

for poetry's cake - oh, swan i crest



porridge forage


porridge forage  (  a  p o e m  &  a  m e s s  )

mumbles, tangles - bramble jam the jar

jungles, dangles, bumblebee & tree

rambles, scrambles - apple crab the spar

trundles, rundles, glimmer-shim & lea

meadows, echoes - riverbank the brook

bellows, hedgerows, raptor-map & scanned

flutter, frescoes - tenter hook the crook

nutter, yellows, rubber ducks & bands

heather, blether - weather green the root

crooked, hooded, wooded track & trail

golden, y'olden - ever-gleams the shoot

feather, footed, moorland, tor & veil

latches, scratches - pasture patch the scrap

herbal, verbal, curdle crow & notes

petals, nettles - circles turn the flap

hatches, hurdles, burble blow & oats



good weather for vanes


good weather for vanes  (  a  p o e t r y  )

bubble brook & flush

shuffle rook & ruffle thrush

bristle lip & brush

whistle snip & snap

warble whip & water rat

tickle hill & flat

river rinse & curl

compass cloud & circle swirl

pasture ploughed & twirl

nestle hedge & egg

tangle head & scramble leg

scatter fence & peg