welly song


welly song  (  s o m e  w e l l y  )

welly dawn

sun & frost

wold & fold

tor & bog

welly on

tread & trough

path & moor

piss & fog

welly forth

sod & plod

dale & vale

lane & croft

welly song

splash & splosh

gleam & stream



spots ‘n’ specks


spots ‘n’ specks  (  r h y m e s  f r o m  m y  m i n d  )

broth in coughs of sputtered pots & wrings of chicken necks

hedge in bets of brambled knots & heads of scrambled legs

glass in cracks of warning shots & swarms of pigeon pecks

weird in beards of stubble cross & flops of fuddled flex

shoe in scuffs of muddled socks & ruffs of ruffled vests

shrew in trews of office blocks & scraps of tattered guess

swill in mills of dental floss & drops of winter sweat

spit in drips of kitten pox & ships of whipping wrecks

bird in flocks of shepherd's frocks & words of fuddled mess

ant in pants of hobbled hops & spats of scumbled flecks

dance in rants of attic rocks & lofts of what the hex

stone in stoats of riddled fox & jerks of jumbled jets

key in curls of golden locks & swirls of treasured chests

tree in twirls of y'olden copse & trips of trickled steps

beam in bumps of stomach flops & streams of stuttered mess

spawn in haunts of water clocks & spurts of spots 'n' specks



plum crumbles & drums


plum crumbles & drums  (  a  s h i t e k u  i n  s i x  &  5 1 %  n o n s e n s e  )

spindle shingle span

shepherds shim in prangs of pan

pin tingles & flan

rubber sputter spun

bubbles burst in spoons of sun

hooligans & nuns

twinkle tingle tram

tinkers damn in scraps of spam

am-dram flaps & ham

utter stutter stun

salad torques in tugs of tongue

warthog wings & guns

nimble jingle jam

brambles sling in springs of lamb

tin whistles & cans

butter nutter bun

puddles plod in drops of run

plum crumbles & drums



as stoat as stone


as stoat as stone  (  m y  r h y m e s  a r e  o d d e r  t h a n  y o u r s  )

as stoat as stone

or otter spew

or pins of pricks

or cockatoos

as march as larch

or marble arch

or timbuktu

in tennis shoes

as speck as peck

or kangaroos

or mustard gas

or kangaroos

as musk as dusk

or badger barks

or werewolf pants

in kathmandu

as shell as egg

or salmon screws

or petrichor

or prussian glue

as stag as legs

or listless larks

or ninja imps

in interludes

as lathe as knave

or caribou

or cannibals

their avenue

as frog as spots

or tiger sharks

four moo eye ooze

& shite the shrew



wake the deaf & sign on


wake the deaf & sign on  (  k i s s  m y  r h y m e z  ,  y  o u  p i l c h a r d  )

wake the deaf & sign on

once upon a corkscrew

wizards in the whiplash

blizzards in the fall through

crust the rust of pylons

kid the skid of goat's rue

puddles in the splish splash

bubbles in the home brew

spin the dim of shine on

panda-punch the bamboo

carrots in the mishmash

havoc in the shampoo

span the hands of time bombs

gob the slob of gum spews

rivers in the kick backs

scissors in the kung fu

churn the turn of right ons

fondles in the fondue

manna in the drip drabs

spanners in the cashews

plod the stead of microns

blessings in the achoo

stutters in the slip back

sputters in the statues

can the scams of icons

wanders in the where to

wriggles in the skin rash

fiddles in the hairdo

chase the waves of bygones

vomit in the voodoo

scuffles in the syntax

shuffles in the new shoes