oh, bollocks


oh, bollocks  (  s o m e  v a g u e l y  p o e t i c a l  j i s m  )

sing a song of tossing cabers

tartan paint & rattled sabres

honey bees seek missing marbles

absent cats & money makers

shoo the spew of alma maters

soupy gruel & rusty razors

salad tongues for mangled garble

judas shrews & ratty traitors

scan the land of bastard acres

handy stands & bandy capers

marching hares in search of sparkles

fiddled thumbs & drumming majors

thud the sod of muddy gaiters

wonky flows & nosy neighbours

star the scars of starling startles

certainty & curtain drapers

skim the thin of icy skaters

leper hands & pepper shakers

mumble on in bundled parcels

hand grenades & hungry lasers

loop the hoop of crusty craters

that'll do & fruits of labour

monkey spunk - dash - manky marvels

messy desks & scraps of paper


& blue doors


& blue doors  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  )

cobwebs & cobnuts

& green fields & eyesores

roses & noses

& seesaws & sea shores

moonlight & morning

& sunshine & gold straw

rat traps & bat flaps

& hopscotch

the black horse

echoes & yellow

& embers & wild boar

mudflaps & strange ways

& grey days & white floors

trickles & ripples

& whispers & wild roars

rainbows on all fours

in new shoes

& blue doors


dawn socks


dawn socks  (  a n o t h e r  s t a b  i n  t h e  d a f t  )

blackbirds stir the rooster

windmills spurn the rumours

rivers spin in dazzles

tudors mock computers

bandstands blast the future

pupils swat the tutor

bakers roll the barrel

coopers toot their scooters

drunkards flop in stupours

curtains spot the snoopers

jackals rasp a cackle

jewellers loop the hoopla

grocers pea the shooters

tranquil seas the lunar

goslings goose the gabble

losers shaft the super

gibbons gob the goober

dragons snap the ruler

humble stumps the camel

boosters boot the troopers

penguins dress the suitors

gubbins floods the sewers

tossers pop the prattle

welcome to the future



bobbing balls & rubber nuts


bobbing balls & rubber nuts  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e t r y  )

bobbing balls & rubber nuts

tossing squalls & sputtered dust

soggy flops & nimble limbs

mimicking the herons strut

otter pops & adder puffs

jotter toss & badger musk

phantom hands & fingertips

tickling the bristled brush

clouded spouts & muffled hush

shrouded doubts & bustled guts

bingo wings & limbo lands

sandwiching the upper crust

scissor kicks & paper cuts

in a bit & vapour flux

songs of wars & bronzen dawns

warbling the morning thrush

sneezing peas & creeping gusts

bleeding keys & weeping slush

crossing tees & spotting dots

watching clocks to stop the rush

weather then & muddled ducks

feather friends & ruffled tufts

twiddle toes & on she goes

poetry's a fucking slut



this idyll piddle


this idyll piddle  (  v a g u e l y  p o e t i c a l  j i s m  )

this idyll piddle is a pillock in the riddle

it's the rasps of the spat

& the ripples of the spittle

this mortal dawdle is a bauble & a snorkel

it's the black of the cracks

& the chortles of the warbles

this itchy ditty is the drizzle of the drippy

it's the flaps of the bats

& the shitty of the iffy

this leper letter is a measure of the weather

it's a map of the scraps

& a petal - then a feather