midsummer drums


midsummer drums  (  a  p o e m  f o r  t h e m  m i d s u m m e r  m u r m u r s  )

roses as gnosis

a ghost in the thicket

spring in the cricket

& salad-spun tongues

weasels of teasels

a prick in the bristle

milking the thistle

& bumblebee hum

breezes of sneezes

achoo & a tissue

slip in the sinew

of fingers & thumbs

brambles & tangles

a flutter of butter

rhythm's a nutter

& midsummer drums


formerly …


formerly  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

a rogue clump of mud

the mongolian death worm

mozart's second cousin

a mulberry tree

& a tudor commuter

catching a carriage - or two

a lark in the dark

of the dim middle-ages

singing in english plague pits

a plesiosaur

& a black catterpillar

crossing the path

of your ant

( ? )


ink this


ink this  (  a  p o e m  )

ink this


feather dust

hat scraps

train steams

butter beans

rubber ducks

quack passed

grey daze

badger blue

dagger dance


frog hops

jiggle june

tinsel winged

bat flaps


podded peas

red & green



mackerel moons









conkers crack

- that's that



queen anne’s lace


queen anne’s lace  (  a  p o e t r y )

white in the lea's pit

a beacon of soap

handkerchiefs, nighties

a wedding or rope

hangs as a basket

a bastard or bat

lives with the lizard

the serpent & rat

sneezes in woodland

or patches of grass

flecks as a phantom

of feathers & gas

whiskers in whispers

& up with the lark

wild like a carrot

but blind in the dark


in mirrorlands


in mirrorlands  (  m y  o t h e r  p o e m  i s  a  m o u n t a i n  h a r e  )

sing a song of cell division

custard cans & campervans

aerial's on television

caliban's in kazakhstan

feather flocks a flockin' vision

ticker tapes & ticket trams

paper trains on plains of fission

bedding spreads in badger-lands

roses row as rivers glisten

adder skies & ladder lands

miners of the coalition

whispers of the midden-hands

muffle in the scuffle-schism

marbles, mars & marching bands

mumble-stuff of contra's diction

sinking swans on singing sands

weavers on an intermission

tapestries & telegrams

ariadne tickles titian

pencils pen in pentagrams

blizzard of the lizards, listen

wizardry & squinterlands

shepherds sleep as lemons glisten

mizzle gleams in mirrorlands





probreacsolu  (  a  t r u e  l a s t  t h u r s d a y  a f t e r n o o n  s t o r y  )

mist a parcel

sunken onions

as the marbles

shit the sack

larks are singing

as the village


spinning cack?

wraiths are fading

fuzz & phantoms

as the buzzard

bats a flap?

glisten in the

whistle's bristles

on a hillock's

tractor track




sreknaw  (  m e o p  e l t t i l  a  )

pen you peel like sieving sup

& light is lark & limb

hen you've hacksaw squill of squall

& sapless hills to brim

life is butter bumblebee

a jungle up a tree

pebble as a pox of bogs

& leck knot them punts swim