( 1 – 6 )


( 1 – 6 )  (  p e a c e  &  t r u t h  v e r s u s  c u r t a i n  t w i t c h i n g  w e a s e l s  )

ping pong avalon

pickled pepper babylon

cracked black swan & one

cancan kangaroo

dancing mutant panda-shrew

shoe-spew, you & two

drum-hum garden pea

clip the clogs of marble me

bees, trees, knees & three

tin can labrador

salmon sing of saddle sore

backs, boars, doors & four

fly swats wasp the hive

swans i snort a fish alive

porpoise, tortoise - five

lizard limericks

lick the ticks of shipping bricks

spin a bit & six



crow, crow, crow y’boat


crow, crow, crow y’boat  (  a  p o e t r y  )

slug, slug. slug y'snail

trail the whale of stars

sparkily spidery

harlotry library

phantom handlebars

bat, bat, bat y'flaps

cat the whipper's snaps

dragonly fruitily

raspberry blueberry

cracks between the maps

vole, vole, vole y'mole

pole the moth of may

skippily hoppily

ribbonly rocketry

hosta holiday

crow, crow, crow y'boat

fly y'submarine

rosily lemony

openly sesame

life is butterbean


poppycock is popping weasels


poppycock is popping weasels  (  a  p o e t r y  )

poppycock is popping weasels

goldilocks is nicking porridge

stealing sheep as bolting quarells

chase the steeples - churches churning

chase the steeples - churches churning

maids a milking in the valleys

green's the preen of muffled feathers

brown's the sound of village shitters

brown's the sound of village shitters

yarn's a barn but sing's a jitty

amber sees as trees & rivers

flap's the bats of ruffled rafters

flap's the bats of ruffled rafters

flop in socks with poppy crystals

spore the yore & snore with eagles

poppycock is popping weasels



sperm whale bank jobs


sperm whale bank jobs  (  &  n o t h i n g  b u t  t h e  t r u t h  )

sperm whale bank jobs

blackbird singalongs

tin can scribble ribs

lip slap stick

beeswax kneecaps

lime tree libraries

nightjar star alarms

sidecar kick

ten lead redwings

bigwig onion guns

cloud shroud sunken suns

grey clay brick

how now silk sow?

corn ear auctioneers

voodoo cockatoos

milk tooth pick

hat-head space race

hedgehog hostilleries

dogwood bursaries

sea salt lick

bean green eyes prise

foxtrot fossil socks

bright white pavement cracks

tick, tick, tick



of dogs & dinners


of dogs & dinners  (  a  p o e m  &  t h a t  )

when the sun sinks down the sofa

& the fisher crowns a cobra

signets seven sing a coda

poets ponce on spring in winters

then the moon is cack & crackers

kangaroos & badger knackers

swishes swooshing as the clappers

rubber balls & squall that glimmers

as the minstrels mince of mittens

ribbons, rum & britain's bitterns

scuffles, scuff & fluff of kittens

fiddles, fleas & fish in rivers

bend the breeze in which we flutter

spin in ink as pencils sputter

scribble is a friend & fucker

sing the song of dogs & dinners