soz etc.


soz etc. ( an extension of sumit from yesterday )

ripples of ivy & buckets of rain

sunday is thursday so much of the same

cloaked as the oak tree

but hope is key

ghosts in vague ruins with baffling chains

tardy drystone walls & bruises on arms

fresh scabs on kneecaps & clutched luckless charms

still as the fruit bowl

alive as the foal

wobbles in woodland & annals on palms

dallies in valleys & taps on the brain

bat flaps of evenings as rats race up drains

bare as the bony

as dead as the sea

brisk as the spring lamb - as deft as the flea

weasels in haystacks & barnstorms in barns

supper for breakfast on patchwork hill farms

quiant as the maypole

or pockets in holes

loons in old mill towns with tales in their yarns


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