toast etc.


toast etc. ( a poem for peas throughout the world … )

the toast is well

the well is a wish

the wish is bone

the bone is a fish

the fish is gold

the gold is a pot

the pot is luck

a dead lucky shot

the shot is glass

the glass is an eye

the eye is blue

in fact it's the sky

the sky is pie

the pie is a hole

the hole is mouse

it's a mousy mole

the mole is leak

the leak is a spring

the spring's onion

the onion's a ring

the ring is hum

the hum is a drum

so on we march


the dum is smart

the smart is a phone

the phone's a book

to worm's it's a home

the home is haunt

the haunt is a ghost

alive & well

but this poem's toast


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