talkin’ rhubarb


talkin’ rhubarb  (  p r e d o m i n a n t l y  p i f f l e  2 0 1 7  )

talkin' rhubabrb, stems & stumbles

apples rotten? mustn't crumble

pips & slippage, turns & tumbles

extras, custard, mumbles - jumbles

bloody mondays - ganders flustered

scissored ribbons, colonel mustard

in the vestry with the buzzard

anne of cleves plus mother hubbard

roman nosedives sniffing petals

stinging nettles sing of kettles

dust is swirling - no snow settles

stick to script & wing a medal

trust no pastry or pacemakers

dodge the jam man, buy a paper

start a puzzle, finish later

add some years then meet thy maker


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