the many pitfalls ( of all )


the many pitfalls ( of all )  (  a  p o e m  )

all that glistens isn't gold

all that listens isn't told

all that shivers isn't cold

all that's striking isn't bold

all that's sweaty isn't hot

all that's tangled isn't knot

all that's polka isn't dot

all that's crikey isn't - what?

all that's podded isn't pea

all that's knobbly isn't knee

all that's leafy isn't tree

all that's stolen isn't free

all that's holy isn't saint

all that's distant isn't faint

all that's garden isn't quaint

all that's tartan isn't paint

all that's sinking isn't ship

all that's kiss me isn't quick

all that's carrot isn't stick

all that's parrot isn't sick

all that's throbbing isn't vein

all that's delayed isn't train

all that's pissing isn't rain

all that's missing isn't brain

all that's certain isn't fact

all that's tit for isn't tat

all that wobbles isn't fat

all that bobbles isn't hat

all that's roman isn't nose

all that's jammy isn't toes

keep wary - never suppose

all varies - go with them flows


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