phlegm & other reasons


phlegm & other reasons  (  a  p o e m  )

dandelion skirmishes

badger fucks, twirled dervishes

mrs. worthington's hit list

space then shapes - their surfaces

sermons offer services

milk, honey & circuses

snooker's at the crucible

free-balls, cues & furnaces

fork lightning, moors, mysteries

distortions - distilleries

dick turpin; the boyband years

achilles heel blistery

old wives' tales of fisheries

pillars, posts plus pillorys

tumble driers fall to earth

snail trails shine, all slippery

geese in gleams are gathering

manic tongues are babbling

bloody jape scrapes make great shapes

wrappers are unravelling

jibbered tongues are jabbering

flash dick'eads are swaggering

father was an antelope

bastard hammers hammering

home is where hope lives - it dwells

magic songs are singing spells

october's an octopus

comfy seats are sitting well

june's trapped down a wishing well

judas was a kiss 'n' tell

april is a playful ape

bluebelled woods are ringing bells



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