let’s ruminate


via Daily Prompt: Ruminate


let’s ruminate ( a 20 line read )

let's ruminate - us thoughtful cows

on big questions - the whats? the hows?

like do these spots make us look fat?

or what came first

 that field or plough?

the nature of the mooniverse

when we go dry is this a curse?

was velcro made by aliens?

who made this earth

 our sacred turf?

on which we graze through bovine days

b.s.e free yet slightly crazed

when we lie down do we make rain?

we're wonder-struck

 & awe-amazed

we're lost for answers, this is true

udderly puzzled - giz a clue

we're flummoxed plus the kitchen sink

as cowpats splat

 & bullshit too


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