here beneath the dozy bough


beneath the dozy bough  (  a  p o e m  )

birds chirp through their repertoire

& buzz-on cries the bee

dandelions almost roar

which almost unnerves me

drystone walls & old hills sprawl

beyond what eyes can see

part-imagined orange orbs

dart in the valley green

jaundiced specks of buttercups

are scattered fancy-free

breezes whisper random words

phalanx, flapjack, ngwee

here beneath the dozy bough

of this sweet chestnut tree

a-pausing & absorbing

nature's po - et - ry


smashed ‘n’ scattered


smashed ‘n’ scattered  (  a  p o e m  )

smashed 'n' scattered, hate 'n' go

blame the news, the radio

blame rudolph - that bloody nose

blame the wind, the way it blows

telly bollocks - all that shite

snow is black now, night is bright

right is wrong thus wrong is right

smoke that gubbins in your pipe

lies not lives so stick to script

piffle, banks & sinking ships

fascist rats - their politics

agendas & sick bullshit

pick at strings, those puppeteers

family & friends held dear

mean nothing - this much is clear

( let's bomb someplace far from here )