stew  (  s o m e  b e e  m i n u s  r h y m e s  )

frilly jitters twist in knickers

candle makers quake in flickers

lilies dally in the valley

petals settle - rivers dither

lizard lickers simper snickers

chicken pluckers cluck in quivers

dream is gleaming into evening

echoes let go - summer withers

scissor kickers hit the liquor

crashing lashes whip the vicar

like a florist in a forest

fighting phantoms - misty figures

jingled winters spit in witters

sinking kitchen saucepans simmer

stutters stumble in the jumble

stomachs rumble - what's for dinner

( ? )



back welcome


back welcome  (  a  p o e m  &  a  w i s h  )

sing a song of wonky springs

carrot tops & donkey kings

sticky buds & stretchy days

swanky swans & signet rings

cluck a hen of blossoming

sloppy swash & buckling

fleeting frost & gleaming rays

watercress & water wings

spew a tune of flapping limbs

bells of blue & happenings

busy nests & shades of may

april rain & apron strings

spin a hymn of portal flings

badger glands & dorsal fins

autumn not this hazy maze

back welcome & let's begin


piffle void


piffle void  (  a  t r u e  s t o r y  )

in spotted socks & donkey frocks

as if the flim had tinned the pots

of fairy phlegm & spun the spoon

of happenstance the black baboon

in clotted dross & zombie socks

as if the shrew had spewed the flocks

of curdled birds & tossed the tune

of speckled vests on vast bassoons

in knotted whats & wonky toss

as if the hymn had rid the pox

of hairy mayors & plucked the prune

of pan the flan in pantaloons

in jotted blots & on we trots

as if the fox had spat the crops

of mutant june & yet the moon

has slapped & sapped the afternoon



emit levart


emit levart  (  s o m e  r o p y  r h y m e s  )

it's flakes of grey on this green sphere

where squawk is squeak & plays shake spears

it's shite red boots & eyes of blear

it's birds as words of slurs & smears

so pin your nose & blow your ears

then stroll upstream beyond the weir

then plod back to your childhood years

when blue was blue & skies were clear




twitch-craft  (  a  p o e m  )

cotton buds & grapple fumbles

brandy snaps the apple crumble

stormy cups & pickled peppers

uppercut the prickled weather

monkey spunk & tundra jungles

hairy hands on bandy trundles

fairy notes & doting headers

cheesy dreams of floating cheddar

belly flops & stomach rumbles

bullish bees be killer bumbles

otter toss & fishy netters

sheepish wolves in woollen sweaters

shattered glass & nackered tumbles

ladders step the wrangled rundles

sinking ships & winking beggars

spiders style the kitchen dressers

speckled specks & muffled scumbles

total scums the smoking funnels

chicken necks & homely wreckers

credit checks for stony steppers

pissing gist & misty jumbles

pigeons spit in mustn't grumbles

kitten spit & woven feathers

christening this open letter