from great urns


from great urns ( a smack my keats up versus the met office of a poem )

scattered from great urns above us

spattered bits in bursts of sputter

grey meets green & other colours

life & death are cousin-lovers

staggers here & taps on awning

chattered words & birds as warnings

cakes awake & serpents yawning

sprinkles on a half-baked morning

pattered earth & maybe riddles

jabbered codes of brainy fizzle

muffled drops & building trickles

listen to the summer drizzle


a different toothpaste


a different toothpaste ( a poem )

ants in pants & phantoms three

jacobites & raspberries

aunties stuck down lead mine shafts

cowpats, hats & bramble trees

plastic maps & galaxies

huguenots & blackberries

westward ho! for stomach ache

nettle stings & fallacies

thoughts of socks & saxony

hoses trot to canterbury

lizards sing for liquorice

post-it notes & tapestries

random scraps of sanity

hedges, bets & strategies

puddles of a muddled kind

rainy daze & rhapsodies