a good poem


a good poem  (  s o m e  p o e m  )

in my books


& gold scouts

as paragons

terms, your guess

is dot-dot-dot


that hits the spot

morning, eggs

fighting that fight

vibes, heavens

graces & night

jobs 'n' shit

said-word to go

riddance, grief, luck

so far so



original shit


original shit  (  a  p o e m  )

well all this shit

is original shit

as twas handcrafted

by a blithering tit

& all these shites

are original writes

i only steal cars

in the darkness of night

these bastard rhymes

i'm afraid they're all mine

blame god or the fates

or the gemini mind

there is no off

this bollocks never stops

knockers eat a cock

& then a dead a dead tramp's sock

( bon appétit )