queen anne’s lace


queen anne’s lace  (  a  p o e t r y )

white in the lea's pit

a beacon of soap

handkerchiefs, nighties

a wedding or rope

hangs as a basket

a bastard or bat

lives with the lizard

the serpent & rat

sneezes in woodland

or patches of grass

flecks as a phantom

of feathers & gas

whiskers in whispers

& up with the lark

wild like a carrot

but blind in the dark


in mirrorlands


in mirrorlands  (  m y  o t h e r  p o e m  i s  a  m o u n t a i n  h a r e  )

sing a song of cell division

custard cans & campervans

aerial's on television

caliban's in kazakhstan

feather flocks a flockin' vision

ticker tapes & ticket trams

paper trains on plains of fission

bedding spreads in badger-lands

roses row as rivers glisten

adder skies & ladder lands

miners of the coalition

whispers of the midden-hands

muffle in the scuffle-schism

marbles, mars & marching bands

mumble-stuff of contra's diction

sinking swans on singing sands

weavers on an intermission

tapestries & telegrams

ariadne tickles titian

pencils pen in pentagrams

blizzard of the lizards, listen

wizardry & squinterlands

shepherds sleep as lemons glisten

mizzle gleams in mirrorlands





probreacsolu  (  a  t r u e  l a s t  t h u r s d a y  a f t e r n o o n  s t o r y  )

mist a parcel

sunken onions

as the marbles

shit the sack

larks are singing

as the village


spinning cack?

wraiths are fading

fuzz & phantoms

as the buzzard

bats a flap?

glisten in the

whistle's bristles

on a hillock's

tractor track




sreknaw  (  m e o p  e l t t i l  a  )

pen you peel like sieving sup

& light is lark & limb

hen you've hacksaw squill of squall

& sapless hills to brim

life is butter bumblebee

a jungle up a tree

pebble as a pox of bogs

& leck knot them punts swim


dinner guests


dinner guests  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  l i s t )

nag hammadi barmy army

flight lieutenant lupin-juicer

uncle sun & sister cistern

orangeries & orreries

pixelated pixie people

coven-gloving morris dancers

badger barks & antlered aunties

finches of the woodland winch

terrapins on terra firma

myrtle in the mizzle's murmur

unicorns on horns & vocals

trojans of the water horse

saturn's golden lab-retriever

jumbled june in measle-sneezes

ninja nymphs & squawking goshawks

judas keith iscariot



wet june afternoon ado


wet june afternoon ado  (  a  p o e m  )

crackle static campervans

cottages in cotton socks

caravans & ampersands

splatter on the avenue

nibble crumbs of sunken sun

otter on as puddles pond

fingers thumb & thunder drums

dusters dust but hoovers spew

simmer spanner sandwiches

bric-a-brac as building bricks

lixard tongues & languages

singing songs of xanadu

television comatose

quizzes fizz as kitchens sink

dishes fish & rivers row

breezes sneeze a big achoo

pluck a feather, weather clogs

moses gloats as noah floats

lemons suck & heavens frog

dropping dogs from katmandu

interregnum rafter-flaps

phantoms spool in ghoul-cagoules

bladders, naps & ballad scraps

wet june afternoon ado