sweat river ripple


sweat river ripple  (  a  p o e t r t y  )

pen panda puddle

phantom letters & a funnel

shepherd shears - snip the weirs

& a shovel in a bubble

song joggle fossil

feather lepers & a nozzle

ginger beers - fizz the smears

& a clipper in a bottle

tripe rumble rifle

tumble driers & a cycle

souvenirs - tooth the sears

& a spindle in a spiral

dance metal kettle

ladder adders & a pebble

puppeteers - string fronteirs

& a stagger in a speckle

run badger babble

blister sickles & a gavel

brigadiers - in arrears

& a battle in a barrel

sweat river ripple

seven lemons & a chisel

gondoliers - of the ears

& a pepper in a pickle



hymn a spring of violets


hymn a spring of violets  (  a  p o e m z  )

hymn a spring of violets

a cockpit full of pilots

a cashew, a cuckoo

a driftwood crown

skim a spin of pebbles

a pocket full of shekels

a corkscrew, a horseshoe

& windmill towns

wing a string of weavers

a socket full of seizures

a zebu, an emu

in evening gowns

ring a sing of gargles

a bucket full of marbles

a tissue, an igloo

the walls fall down


sun snorts the snorkel


sun snorts the snorkel  (  s o m e  r h y m e s  )

mist whips the vicar & tryst jams the jangles

rip quips the river & flip flops the flow

egg kegs the kestrel & leg spans the dangles

wing sings the wizard & boat shows the row

land licks the sailor & mop moths the candles

handstands the baker & feet knead the dough

bread bins the tinker & flap cracks the scrambles

tank tops the bottle & grass greens the mow

spleen spins the weaver & clean sweeps the vandal

sea saws the beaver & pin pricks the sew

on swans the plodder & song whales the rambles

ale froths the fodder & drip drops the toe

brick shits the builder & tear snares the brambles

quick sands the gilder & cage caves the crow

pen inks the portal & sword swish the sandals

sun snorts the snorkel & spun spores the glow