winter spurs the ankles


winter spurs the ankles  (  a  p o e m ,  d u r  . . .  )

spittle pans & handles

shivers shim the shingles

citrus fruits & kettles

rubber boots the rambles

fireflies & mantles

fingers glove the tingles

pheasant pecks & pebbles

ranting pants & ambles

woollen hats & brambles

welkin dusts the sprinkles

knotted vests & vessels

frosted plods the tramples

snipping skips & samples

squirrels squib the cymbals

piston rods & pedals

phantom eggs the scrambles

pasture, rugs & wrangles

weasels swipe the swindles

staggered stamps & petals

caverns bat the dangles

river mist & tangles

riddles skin the wrinkles

feathered friends & freckles

sinking suns the angles

venus, mars & candles

sparkles scar the twinkles

mezzanines & levels

kilner jars the jingles

autumn churns & mangles

summer snores the swindle

ember flecks & speckles

winter spurs the ankles



spring’s the sing


spring’s the sing  (  a  s e a s o n a l  d e t o u r  )


spring's the sing that sweeps the feet

that flaps the bird that chirps the tweet

that hops the frog that greens the leaf

that lambs the land that flocks the bleat

spring's the spin that spans the stead

that breeze the knees that stem the legs

that ring the bells that ping the dead

that egg the hen that pecks the head

spring's the king that knights the foal

that fights the wind that bites the cold

that swish the fish that sprite the shoal

that gleam the stream that shine the knoll

spring's the ring that doors the key

that morns the swarm the spawns the bee

that fox the gloves that cub the scree

that hoot the shoots that spruce the tree

spring's the wings that string the vest

that plume the moon that crest the chest

that spoons the looms that wind the west

that spot the dots that id the est

spring's the sting that brings the bud

that browns the cows that munch the cud

that rains the lanes that floods the mud

that stirs the earth that spurs the blood





( upon reading the label )


( upon reading the label )  (  a  r e w r i t e  )

may contain traces of white stag & stoat

crisp winter wobbles & price tag & scroat

piss-drizzled scribbles & frog hops in throats

shim-shuffled duffel & fight-backs in coats

spat with that essence of chickpea & pox

wasps in yon hayloft & strychnine & socks

hops in hum-hobbles & black box & fox

gaps in them cobbles & monk keys in locks

tossed in dripped spittle of hippo & shrew

latex & cobnuts & bamboo & glue

cuckoos & sniffles & werewolf & spew

cucumber, snooker & hot vindaloo

basted in badgers of bakewell & tarts

spaces in faces & brain cells & sparks

snail mail & sniffles & whistles & hark

borage & bristles & dog barks in barks

inked in squid scribbles of cowpat & earth

thicket & cricket & 'owzat? & serf

gleen leaves & easels & weasels & scurf

sheep shit & easter & pizza & turf

fucked in spun spindles of jigsaw & jam

jingles of shingles & diamonds & spam

pundits & puddles & fuddles of man

speaks me - i be - or i think i am

( ? )