teeters in the treehouse


teeters in the treehouse  (  a  p o e m  f o r  w e d n e s d a y ‘ s  a n k l e s  )

peepers shawl the seesaw

letters sprawl the espouse

lepers scare the seashore

weasels in the warehouse

hokey pokes the jigsaw

cokey gropes the in-outs

ropy rides the rickshaw

lizards in the lighthouse

colliers bowl the coleslaw

waltzes sway the j. strauss

pipers pipe the what-for

tigers in the doghouse

buggers beg the bedstraw

portals yawn the dormouse

beavers bee the buzzsaw

dawdles in the courthouse

spindles spin the folklore

thimbles thumb the head louse

gargles sing the barn door

marbles in the farmhouse

hoofers clove the cold sore

roofers speck the red grouse

sneezes seize the centaur

breezes in the schoolhouse

ruffles rile the wild boar

brussels spouts the green sprouts

dowsers doubt the outlaws

weevils in the greenhouse

nozzles spray the eyesore

wobbles sway the tea spouts

piffle whiffs the encore

teeters in the treehouse


batten down them hatches


batten down them hatches  (  a n o t h e r  p o e m  t h i n g  )

cracking shots & glasses

flopping flops & gashes

fizzles in the hush-up

riddles in the mashes

spitting dust & ashes

pissing gusts & patches

whistles on the brushed scrub

panic in the masses

rubbing sticks & matches

sticking locks & latches

chuckles in the dead duck

staggers in the stashes

lapping lads & lasses

skipping bricks & scratches

witters in the headfuck

swivels on the axis

dotting eyes & dashes

inking blots & splashes

bastards in a bathtub

muddles in the mashes

lightning fright & flashes

smashing clouds & clashes

singing songs of tea cups

batten down them hatches


gloam sweet gloam


gloam sweet gloam  (  a  p o e m  f o r  s u n d a y  e t  a l  . . .  )

jumbles jump the mumble

jungles jinx the jingle

nutters span the attic

witches in the grindle

dashes slap the stumbles

clashes tap the cymbals

crackles whip the static

squirrels in the dingle

apples pip the crumbles

grapples swine the swindle

manic pipes the magic

bristles in the brindle

fondles feel the fumble

tonsils speak the lingual

woven weaves the fabric

spoken rungs the spindle

stomachs tum the rumble

thunder thumbs the thimble

warbles fright the rabbits

dawdles sprite the nimble

adders snake the rundle

ladders shake the twinkle

haddock hicks the habit

havoc spits the simple

draymans toast the trundle

ravens crow the wrinkles

roses sniff the plastic

noses whiff the dimples

petals fluff the fungal

pebbles rough the shingle

staggers trawl the traffic

stutters stall the dwindle



docket pocket


docket pockets  (  a  f u c k i n ‘  p o e m  f o r  s a t u r d a y  )

spindle twinkle little toes

winter whittled mistletoe

sputtered warring lion roars

silence, laws & cicero

bumbled jumble bungalows

stumble tumble undertows

snorkel snorting smorgasbords

volant ewes & u.f.o's

burble gurgle garden hose

parcel gargle marble flows

sodden amble troubadours

tosser tools & hammer throws

dawdle chortle jumble prose

portal mortal juxtapose

ripple rifle dinosaurs

butterflies & dominoes